Choosing your wine cellar location. Traditionally wine cellars yada yada yada – been there, done that, NEXT!

We don’t do “typical”, “standard”, or “traditional” here at Builders Glass. Everyone else does, and that’s great for them! But we’re all about pushing boundaries, expanding horizons, and breaking through barriers to create new “standards” in the glass industry. And what’s a more fun way than experimenting with how to house wine? We love wine!

When it comes to storing your wine, you definitely have a couple different options and methods to consider. But more importantly, what kind of space are you considering dedicating to your collection? Are you thinking of doing a full wall glass wine closet? A feature glass wine enclosure that you can walk into and maybe even set up a nice, comfy sitting area? A small under the stairs storage space? It all truly depends on the size of your wine collection, how much you would like to expand your collection, and how fast you drink your wine.

Going back to the WHERE question – because that’s what we’re all here for right? Once you figure out how much space you want to give your wine, we can start figuring out where the best place to put it is. I’ve been doing a lot of research on different wine cellars and where people typically put them and there are some REALLY cool ones that I have been seeing lately that I think you guys will like too. Now is definitely the time to get creative.

Wet Bar Areas

A solution that seems to make a whole lot of sense; why not house your wine near your wet bar and have a complete bar area that looks clean, classy, and well put together? I absolutely love the idea of a small wine wall enclosed in glass that is easily accessible, and beautifully showcases your favorite vino! Those small wine fridges that some put in their wet bars don’t hold much, and can seem a little industrial. Unless industrial is your thing and what you’re going for… we find that there are much better aesthetically pleasing options.

What we love about glass for wine cellars, especially ones made with ULTRA CLEAR GLASS, is that the glass takes a back seat to your wine. It provides an openness that most wine fridges just don’t have, and really help put your wine on display. If you’re going to collect in such an investment, you should be able to show it off to your guests, and be able to see it for yourself!

And it doesn’t have to be huge. One of my all time favorite wine closets that we have done is so simple and put together – I just absolutely love it. Just a simple wall closet set on top of a wood cabinet that holds 32 bottles. It is absolutely stunning and makes for a great conversation piece without being this huge, hulking wine display.

Entrance Statement

Imagine this. You open the doors to your home after a long day and are greeted by the glorious sight of a tall standing statement case of wine. Thank the higher beings of the universe. Or even better, you are awaiting your diner guests and you get to witness the absolute awe on their faces as you invite them in and they become instantly enamored by your wine enclosure.

Yes, floating bottles encased in glass is a true sight that instantly commands the attention of anyone who enters this regal threshold.

Statement cases like this can be backed by a wall, or have a 360 degree view being its own standing structure. This type of enclosure display and placement is really for those who are looking to put their wine at the forefront of their homes and make a seriously bold design move.

Dining Niche

If you have a dining niche that seems a bit spacious, consider this. A wrap around wine enclosure on the three walls of your dining niche.

Hold it!! I know, I know – it sounds awesome.

You can sit down with your guests, enjoy your meal, and all the while view all of your wine to see which one you want to have next! I personally like the design element of this as it maximizes space and viewing.


Ever thought of having a whole room dedicated to your wine? A quiet, happy little place, that you can go and relax, and just enjoy your wine in peace. There’s a couple ideas on how to go about this, so here’s two on how to make your own personal Wine Narnia.

You can literally put yourself in a little wine bubble with a glass enclosed wine room. No, you do not have to fill your entire wine enclosure with racking. In a wine enclosure that is large enough, you can put a comfortable little seating area inside! It’s a closed off space, and 1/2” thick glass works as a great sound dampener.

You could also have a pre existing room or niche space that you want to just simply finish off with a glass door. Or close off part of a room with a glass wall! Glass panels and a door easily and effectively contains a space. It is a clean, slick look, that is also elegant, and what’s cooler than a glass finished room? With wine in it?!

Office Wine

Need a little more incentive to visit your personal office on a more regular basis? Wine is a pretty good reason, right?

A small wine closet containing your personal favorite reds and whites is sure to lift those office blues. Either a whole wall, a partial wall, or a standing wine enclosure is perfect for home offices. And depending on how fast you drink your wine, your enclosure doesn’t even need to be refrigerated.

Under the Stairs

The space under a staircase that can be used is so underrated. Everyone takes it for granted or simply just never considers it! In our showroom, we knocked out two whole walls to access that goldmine of a space just so that we could install our very own unrefrigerated wine closet. The side of the stairs is now a beautiful ultra clear fixed panel that is so clear and pristine that we may have to put a film over it just so WE don’t walk right into it trying to get to a bottle. The back wall of the closet – royal blue back painted glass. When lit, this whole space GLEAMS! Every bottle is beautifully put on display in floor to ceiling racks, and it is just a great use of the space there. 

The Game Room

Man Cave, Sports Center, Game Room – you KNOW this room. It’s a shame we can’t have basements here in South West Florida, but we make due!

A wine cellar in this fun haven can only add to the good times. I saw one situated on a back wall behind a pool table and instantly wished that I had a game room to put one in. I know what you’re thinking, “When I’m in this mode or space – beer!” I hear you! But for those victories, you need champaign and wine. And in such a competitive room, the wine cellar brings in this regal sophistication amongst the… chaos. You know exactly what I mean!

All in all, wine enclosures are a beautiful addition to any home wherever you have space to put them. Here we have seven ideas to get you started on where in your home, but the next step then is where from there! We would love to help you explore to possibilities for installing a glass wine enclosure in your home, so please come stop into our showroom and get inspired!