Besides what we can do for you here at Builders Glass, there are some really cool and fun projects that you can do with glass at home! DIY glass projects can be a great activity for parties, as gifts, or even just for things around the house. That and I really really really want to talk about DIY glass projects because some of them are SO cool.

We really love glass around here, and sometimes we experiment with ideas just to see how they work out. That, and whenever I search “glass design”, or “glass art”, on the interwebs – I can’t help but feel like I HAVE to try this thing that I saw. Pinterest is a deep, dark black hole that sucks you in, but hey! Some really cool projects do come out of it all. Here are some ideas that YOU can try out with glass.

Showcase Coffee Table

Coffee tables are always useful. And some of them, when used properly, can be prime examples of form and function! And the best part – anything can be used as a base. All you need is a glass to top it all off!

Speaking of bases, I saw some really cool ideas on Pinterest. Everything from old trunks, tree stumps, stacking books, cutting a barrel in half and filling it with wine decor – you should really take a look at all the possibilities there. But what they all had in common was that they each had their own unique piece of glass on top.

My favorite design was the half barrel viewing table. The idea of having this hollow space to fill with anything you want and then cap it all off with a piece of glass was just genius to me. You could change the interior by the season, or fill it with some decorative pieces. You can even use it for handy storage! Then no one has to wonder where the remote went.

Chalkboard Paint on Glass

If you’ve ever experimented with chalkboard paint, you know how fun it can be. We personally prefer back painted dry erase glass because it always wipes clean, but there are certain advantages to chalkboard paint on glass. Like wine glasses!

We unfortunately don’t supply wine glasses, but you can pick them up cheap at the dollar store! If you dip the bases of the wine glasses, or even up the stem if you prefer, in the chalkboard paint then you have wineglasses that you can write on! No more, “is this my drink?”

You can also experiment with painting wine glasses. Turning them over so that the base is now the top turns them into creative tea light candle stands that are perfect for holidays!

Mirror Windows

Mirrors give the illusion of more space, so why not enhance that illusion by trying mirror in an old window frame?

I see wood frames at thrift stores all the time, most of them missing the glass inside. Instead of trying to replace the glass and maybe using it as a cabinet door, try mirror! It can be hung inside, and gives the illusion of having another opening, and the mirror helps to bring in light and expand the space. It’s something unique and different than what is typically seen in a home, and works great with modern decor. 

Antique Mirror Backsplash

Yeah, I’m going to bring up antique mirror tiles here. Why? Because they are a DIY project! We ship antique mirror tiles out across the country and customers install them themselves! To say that one has successfully installed their own backsplash is such a proud and incredible feat that you can look back on and say, “yeah, I DID that!”

Mirror is a fantastic material for backsplashes. There is NO grout involved, and it wipes clean with a rag. All of the supplies you would need to install this type of backsplash is available for order through our site or you can pick up in our shop!

Create Your Own Sea Glass

Living here in Florida, we know what real sea glass looks and feels like. But, what if I told you that you can have sea glass without having to throw your own bottles out in the water and wait for them to turn? Well, apparently you can.

I haven’t tried this myself yet, but as soon as I do I will DEFINITELY let you know what the results are like, or even maybe YOU can tell me!

Two ways of doing this.

  1. Using a spray form.

Certain spray paints are designed specifically for giving glass that signature sea glass look and texture. Pop open a can in a well ventilated area (I really suggest going outside with anything spray paint related) and spray it onto your glassware or glass top piece.

     2.  Elmers glue and food coloring?

Yup, you read that right. This one I really want to try. Apparently, if you mix good ole Elmers glue with a couple drops of food coloring and paint it onto your glass it makes a sea glass effect! So if you try this, please drop a comment on the blog so that the rest of us know!

Bottled Light

I remember as a kid chasing fireflies and catching them in glass mason jars. They were the coolest things in the world and I was always mesmerized by the flying, floaty lights in the jar.

I don’t see many fireflies around anymore, and even though they’re fun to catch, you do have to let them go. But you don’t have to let fairy lights fly away and you can watch them every night!

You can take fairy lights with a small battery pack attached and work them into any bottle of your choosing and either set them out or hang them up to create your very own bottled lights! They’re great for outdoor accent lighting and they look really cool.

Here at Builders Glass we love working with glass, and we think that you will too. There’s so many possibilities as to what you can do with glass! We can provide custom cut glass and mirror for any of your future DIY projects, so come stop into our showroom and get inspired!