If you haven’t been to our showroom in this brand new month of August, then you’ve never been!

Over the past two weeks, we have renovated our entire showroom to present you with the best displays of new glass materials to date.

Glass Floor

Sparkly, clean, white and bright – all qualities of a terrific tile floor! The best way to encapsulate all three? Our brand new glass floor!! Looking down on them, these glossy gorgeous beauties look like polished porcelain. However, they are in fact made of glass! Does the idea of a glass floor worry you? Ya know, with the whole GLASS part and all? Trust us, we can TOTALLY relate to that initial thought. But these glass tiles are made specially for life on the floor. 

The tiles are comprised of crushed glass that is then compressed, and fused onto a porcelain tile, making them just as sure and durable as any existing tile you have in your home. The surface has almost a quartz like appearance, and is super smooth and glossy. And yes, you can walk all over it, set furniture – live your daily lives on this flooring material without worry of damage. If they can survive in our showroom, they are more than capable of working sufficiently and aesthetically in your home.

We really love how these tiles catch and transfer light. Just like any other glass surface, these tiles brighten the area that they are installed in by catching light and helping to transfer it through the room. This new floor tile is an amazing, elegant addition to our showroom. We can’t wait for you to come experience it for yourself!

Mondrian Mirror Feature Wall

What exactly is Mondrian and why does it seem to be so popular? Well for all you art history buffs out there, Piet Mondrian was a painter in the early 20th century who’s art has greatly influenced abstract fashion and design through his studies and works on simplified geometric art. His trademark design was an ultra simple piece featuring black line boxes, mostly white, but some colored red, yellow, blue, or black, of varying sizes. We took inspiration from that and turned it into mirror! We used ultra clear, bronze, rose, wisteria, and sunset in our feature mirror, and floated it over white painted glass and back lit it! It really is so aesthetically pleasing and brings color into a showroom which, for the most part, is white and grey scale tones.

Some of you may have seen our Mondrian wall before, but not the way it was intended. Our pre existing floors were seriously darkening our creation’s reflection – and not in a trendy way. So we ripped up that old dark wood, tiled down our brand new and beautiful white glass tiles that we mentioned earlier, removed our giant orange back painted glass board, and now have a pure surface for the mirror to reflect off! Coupled with the tiles, the mirror really shines, and helps the whole area to as well! You can now come and view the Mondrian feature wall in all of it’s pure untainted glory.

Mirror Baseboards

We know. WHAT?!

Yup, to go along with our glossy new floors and drop-dead Mondrian inspired wall, we thought that nothing would be more gorgeous than mirror for baseboards. And not just regular mirror – ultra clear. No green glass was used in the making of this masterpiece. We keep talking about light, and you would be AMAZED how mirror baseboards work with light. The mirrors reflecting the glass tile floor and Mondrian wall expand the space out and gives the floors and walls a very clean, polished, and finished look. Seriously, they are the best things ever, you have to come see them for yourself.

Non Refrigerated Wine Closet

As you well know, we really love glass wine cellars. And wine. Wine is good. And if you’re like us here in the show room, you probably drink it so fast that it doesn’t have time to live in a refrigerated wine cellar. Not to worry, we’ve got you and your short life wine covered… literally and figuratively.

There are areas in our homes that are essentially non functional wastes of space. You know exactly what I mean. That odd niche that is more like a dead end cubby probably meant for an entertainment centre that no one seems to be using anymore; or underneath a staircase that could be used as family picture real estate or potential storage – why not convert those areas into functional space?

Our showroom wine closet is conveniently housed under our stair case, and holds an impressive 63 bottles in its floor to ceiling wine racks, plus a deal more in smaller wine rack displays. It’s not crowded, and most importantly, easy to access. Its glass face keeps it feeling open, while still providing a contained area. It’s finished up with a beautiful piece of royal blue back painted glass that we custom painted here in the showroom (that’s a whole other blog post in itself – a story for another time). The whole display is well put together, and we LOVE it. We’ve got a couple more plans in the works for it, but we think you will love it just as much too. 

Our Office Space

If you’ve come in for a personal design consultation, you’ll be happy to know that we have revamped our office and it is customer ready for sit down, uninterrupted, conferences. Our office space is now so well put together – we love coming in to work even more than we did before! (And really, that is saying something, we all love working here). We put in new wood floors that have brightened the entire area (brightening spaces is a big thing for us here, we don’t like dark, cave like environments) so it isn’t as dark as it was before, and coming around to our desks are all arranged in the easiest access ways possible.

We would really love for you to come visit us in our showroom. We are constantly changing and evolving, but this is the most change we’ve had done in a while. So come in to our showroom to see what’s new and get inspired!!