Glass Fabrication 

 Here at Builders Glass, we hand cut glass and mirror, as you well know. But the processor glass fabrication cutting is a little more complicated than what most consumers realize.

First and foremost, we know that glass is fragile and breaks quite easily. But getting glass to break in a straight line is a technique that only few have mastered, especially in this modern world of tech and machinery. A glass cutting tool is used to score the surface of the glass, and then pressure is applied to get the glass to break. The result is a clean broken seam. Tempered glass can NOT be cut, as it will explode as soon as you try to do so. All tempered glass is pre cut, and then sent out to undergo the tempering process.

After the glass fabrication cutting is to the size needed, the glass is either seamed with a sanding tool to remove the sharp edge, or is sent through our state of the art polishing machine. The polisher is what gives that beautiful, clean edge that is smooth to the touch and leaves the edges of the glass easy to handle. The corners of the glass also get a little seaming and polishing to ensure that the corners aren’t pointed. Safety and handling is something that we hold near and dear to us here at Builders Glass. We want to make sure than anyone who picks up glass from us can handle it without the fear of being cut.

After polishing, the glass is thoroughly inspected to ensure that there are no scratches, oysters, staining, or any other anomalies that would degrade the quality of the glass. The whole process of cutting glass takes time, and quite a bit of tedious effort, so the next time you pick up glass from us, know that it was done with great care and attention.

If you have any other questions about how we fabricate glass here, please feel free to stop in our showroom and get inspired!