Various Window Options at Builders Glass

Typically, it’s thought that a window, is a window, is a window – that it’s basically just a piece of glass put in your wall for both ventilation and light. But that is a huge under estimation of what your windows are and what they are capable of. They’re used for viewing the outside world and taking in all the beauty that it is, without having to brave the sun, rain, or anything else potentially “icky” that the outdoors brings. But windows are not all the same, and finding the right window can make all the difference. 

If eyes are the windows to the soul, than windows are the portals that transport our souls out into the beauty of the world! Maximize your ocean front view; frame that beautiful front yard where your kids play! The way in which you view your world is important. Windows are also instrumental in allowing natural light into your home, brightening your space, and helping your home to feel open, comfortable, and free. Most windows are plain in design, but why not go for design and functionality? There is so much to discuss in window options other than Hurricane Impact Glass here at Builders Glass.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are super functional when it comes to ventilation and air flow. With two movable sliding sashes you can optimize the amount of airflow, and even direct it a little. Left something on the stove a little too long? Top sash down and get any smoke away from the ceiling and fire alarms as fast as possible. Need a breeze closer to the dinning room table? Bottom sash up and let the cool air in. This style is also quite easy to clean from the inside, so you don’t have to climb up any tall ladders to reach that spider web that’s catching leaves on the second story. We love the functionality of this window design, and we think you will too.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a gorgeous addition to any home that perfectly showcases your outdoor surroundings without blocking or obscuring your view. These crank out beauties are hinged and swing out allowing for a truly open feel. Casement windows don’t have any muttons or grid work, so you have a clear view of your surroundings. They are perfect for homes with beautiful garden or beach scenery.

Awning Windows

Picture this. You’ve just moved into your dream beach house. You sit down in your favorite chair looking out at the water and the blue sky, and you close your eyes and inhale the relaxing scent of ocean air. Your awning windows are open and allowing sea breeze in, that if you live anywhere away from the water, you only are able to enjoy on vacation. Awning windows paired with stationary windows are a fantastic option for maximizing your view while also allowing air to flow effortlessly. And there are placement options! Awning windows can either stand alone, or be put at the top, sides, or even the bottom of a fixed window. This style of window is perfect for rain prone regions like Florida due to their tight construction, and go well with any contemporary home.

Picture Windows

Do you ever wish that you could take a picture with your eyes and frame the image because no camera does it justice? While eye cameras don’t quite exist yet (or maybe they do and they’re just being hidden from us) you can still frame those beautiful sceneries around your house. And, the scenes change with the weather and time of day! The ultimate moving picture!! In all seriousness though, picture windows really are a splendid addition to any home, and can be used to make an entire window wall to allow in light and brighten your home. 

Transom Windows

“Hello gorgeous, it is I – The Transom Window!” Decorative design comes through with these bad boys. Traditionally, transoms are used above door ways to separate entrance ways from other design elements such as beams or mouldings. These windows are typically fan shaped, but other options are available. Transoms are also super functional in helping light to come in, especially in rooms that catch afternoon sun. In rooms that often don’t get much light, they can become very dark so why not brighten them up with some well placed transom windows?

Sliding Windows

You might be asking “aren’t sliding windows and double hung windows the same?” While similar, they are far from the same. Sliding windows slide horizontally, much like your sliding glass doors. These windows are great for wide spaces as they can open up a whole area as opposed to placing vertical windows along at each point on a wall. Sliding windows also make for easy cleaning and maintenance, which is always a plus when it comes to anything. 

See, when it comes to windows, there’s a lot more to consider than just putting some glass in an opening in your home, and don’t forget to ask us about hurricane impact glass! To see more ideas and discuss what’s possible in your home, come by our show room and get inspired!