What is considered Safety Glass?

Believe it or not, most questions that we get here at Builders Glass has something to do with safety glass. Families  who want glass tops for coffee tables but also want to ensure their kids’ safety always ask the right questions, but there are some things that we would like to clarify. Safety glass is any glass that doesn’t fracture into sharp shards when broken.  


Plexiglass and other safety glass materials are NOT glass. Comprised out of acrylic or another plastic based medium, these safety glass materials won’t break like glass – because they aren’t. If you’re looking for glass that won’t break, then glass is not what you’re looking for. We do not supply plexiglass, but there are other types of safety glass that we do carry.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass is our number one when it comes to everyday safety glass. Tempered Glass is heat treated in a tempering oven, a process that changes the composition of the glass. All glass that is going to be tempered needs to be cut before the tempering process because once it’s tempered – that’s it. Tempered glass will shatter if you try to have it cut. Tempered glass is stronger than regular, otherwise known as annealed glass, and when broken shatters into teeny tiny little pieces that are not sharp. Tempered glass is mandatory if being used in a shower, and is highly sought when it comes to table tops, especially ones that go outside. 

Lami Glass

Lami Glass is a special layered glass similar to what is used for your car windshield. Two panes of glass sandwich a safety layer that holds all of the glass in place upon impact. Laminated Glass stays together not allowing any shards to break off. It’s useful in windows or inserts, but can also be used as a protective layer over a wood top.

It’s important to keep everyone’s safety in mind, and knowing the differences between all the options of Safety Glass is important. For more information, please stop by our showroom and get inspired!