Vanity Mirror Trends – What’s Hot, What’s Not!

Just like all of our design-centered loves, vanity mirror trends have a way of making a big splash only to graduate from passé to down-right embarrassing over time. But unlike those high-waisted, acid-wash jeans, you can’t simply hide your vanity mirror in the closet.

Your vanity mirrors stare back at you every day – framing you in a trendy and chic picture of bliss, or boxing you in a drab and dated reminder that it is time for a change.

Not Hot!

Before we jump into all the gorgeous trends that are sure to make your vanity shine – let’s take a quick look at what has gone the way of the Pet Rock, hip-huggers and nearly all-things-neon:

  1. Large Wall-to-Wall-to-Vanity Mirrors

Once thought to make small powder rooms feel larger, these giants really do nothing more than make us all feel slightly uncomfortable with their never-ending, ever-flinching reflection. Not to mention, they seem to attract every stray drop of water so that by the end of your soiree your mirror is as splattered with wayward water drops as your Instagram is with smiling faces.

Do yourself a favor and rid your home of these goliaths (and their wrap-around the room counterparts) and opt for something that makes everyone feel good!

  1. Bevel-Strip Framing

This relic of the Hollywood Glam trend is just as dated as metallic furniture. Time to let it go…let it go!

  1. Unframed Mirrors

These mirrors without borders begin and end without warning. Not only are they a nightmare to paint around, unframed mirrors are a close cousin of the wall-to-wall mirror…stay away.  We call them ‘Naked” Mirrors!

  1. Oval Shaped Mirrors

This one is a little tougher to chastise…especially since shaped mirrors are still on-point – just not these shapes. So, if you have oval mirrors (and chevron-printed rugs) it’s probably time to let go of both…but if you hang-on for another season, we won’t tell.  *Not all oval mirrors are created alike. A tilting oval mirror that gently floats off the wall on some tilting mounts is a beautiful accent to a wallpapered powder bath wall.

  1. Naked Mirrors

We mentioned in #3 Unframed mirrors, and yes Naked Mirrors are the same thing. This one is important enough to mention twice.So unless you are talking about this totally trippy Smart Mirror that scans your bod and lets you know how worthwhile that gym time has been…naked mirrors are not the way to go. Your vanity mirror is one of the first things that anyone notices when they walk into the room; why not make it beautiful?

So Hot!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, time to dive into the fun stuff! Here is a bountiful list of vanity mirror trends that will make your vanity singing!

1. Sandblasted Mirror Frame

If you loved the look of your bevel-strip framed mirror but are now ready to move-on to something a little less harsh, a mirror with a sandblasted frame ma
y be the perfect choice. This look would be great in a bathroom or powder room that draws inspiration from the seaside – think cool, muted blues and the tawny rustle of sea oats. Throw-in a hint of sunlight by adding LED backlighting to your mirror and the sandblasted edges will glow with warmth.

            etched mirror with backlighting

       2. Framed Mirrors

The anecdote to unframed and wall-to-wall mirrors; framed mirrors most often resemble the decorative mirrors you may already have in other rooms of your home but take on an air of functionality when placed over a vanity.

Both Mirrormate and Roma Moulding have great options for adding a custom-look to your builder-grade mirror. Mirrormate solutions can be installed directly on top of an existing mirror and the company offers up to 70 different finishes to match your existing décor.
framed vanity mirror         

Roma Moulding does more than simply provide a custom look – it is a custom, framed mirror –specifically designed and handmade to coordinate with your design dreams. It is the best choice for small mirrors and would be my pick when doing a new install. The mirror you select can be beveled or flat.

3. Double Up – Slim Mirror Double Vanity

vanity mirror trends tall thin mirrors over double vanity

You each have your own sink – why would you want to share a mirror? Installing his and her slim mirrors over a double vanity keeps everyone’s reflections in-check and is a great way to show-off more of that striking wall-covering you pain-stakingly chose.

Add lighting in-between the mirror or, even better, inset a sconce on each framed mirror to give both you and your partner the perfect highlight.


  1. Floating Mirrors Set Aglow

Mirrors that seem to float on top of a bed terrestrial stone and are softly illuminated by LED lighting installed behind the glass give vanities the serene beauty of Mother Nature with a modern twist. Imagine wandering into the glow of this bathroom in the middle of the night – you may not even miss those few extra minutes of shut-eye.








         5. Tiled Walls with Recessed Mirrors – Yes, please!

vanity mirror

When tiling the wall behind a vanity most of us opt for a custom tile option. Whether you choose the clean lines of a bright white subway tile, the beauty of an intricate mosaic or the modern sleekness of large, slab-style tiles, recessing your mirror into the tile gives the vanity mirror dimension.  The tile on the wall is also another opportunity to let your personal style show. Tile selections are vast, it can be hard to narrow it down for the flooring and shower walls. Tiling the vanity adds another spot to include a feature tile that you will get to look at everyday!

As an added bonus, the recess can also serve as a chic ledge for accessories or even bathroom necessities – like your toothbrush!

We love the hanging sconces the designer selected for this bathroom! The tile on the walls gives them their own design purpose. Not to mention, sconces hung at this height provide the most effective lighting for viewing yourself in the vanity mirror.





       6. The Circle Mirror

circle vanity mirror trend           circle vanity mirror

If oval and square are out, it’s because the circle is in. Circular mirrors are a great choice to combine with some of the other trends listed here – they look lovely floating on a wall like a reflective bubble in a powder room. While some may find that the shape does not provide enough real-estate for an everyday-use bathroom (like a master bath) the look is perfect for guests just needing a quick look before dashing back out to the party!

If oval and square are out, it’s because the circle is in. Circular mirrors are a great choice to combine with some of the other trends listed here – they look lovely floating on a wall like a reflective bubble in a powder room. While some may find that the shape does not provide enough real-estate for an everyday-use bathroom (like a master bath) the look is perfect for guests just needing a quick look before dashing back out to the party!

Whether you opt for framed, frameless and backlit or even a beveled-edge, it is tough to go wrong with this Zen styling-choice…something about it just makes me want to get into a lotus position and let out a few ohms!

          7. Mirror Framed in Mirror

If Bevel strips are not hot, what is the alternative to framing a mirror in mirror? Consider flat polished mirror, in lieu of the bevel to frame the mirror. Another way to update the bevel strip framed mirrors is to go big, use extra wide beveled pieces, at least 5- 67″. Bevel strips are commercially available in 2″ or 3″, a wider option will be custom but it will also look CUSTOM!

Yet another hip option for framing is to choose a contrasting reflective finish to encase your vanity mirror. Bronze, grey, green, blue, purple, pink, antique – the options are endless making the look easily adaptable to any style.

A mirror frame made from Antique mirror is quickly becoming one of our favorite looks for 2017!

antique mirror with mirror















     8. Electrify Your Mirror

For those that love all things tech – you know, those of you who have already adapted your entire home to run from your iPhone – these are vanity mirrors for you!
The fine folks at Electric Mirror have mirrors with so much wattage they could serve as your only light-source. Looking for a more feature-rich solution? Why not watch the morning news from the television inset in your mirror while you style your hair?  For the frustrated men out there,  add a fog-free feature to prevent shaving mishaps. We love the the Round Electric Mirror with the built in tv!Electric mirror vanity mirror with lighting

  1. Mirror on Mirror Action

vanity mirror with antique mirror tiles













If you are like me, you just can’t get enough mirror in your life. Thankfully, the trend-gods are smiling on us mirror-lovers and have not only made mirror-on mirror acceptable – it’s downright hip! Use it to get the circular look into your master bath without giving up the room-opening power of a large mirror or to simply add a modern touch to your current wall-to-wall installation.

The hands down choice for mirror on mirror- pair our antique subway tile wall with a mirror in the center – gorge!

Using our antique mirror subway tiles, you can completely customize the look with any size tile you can dream of, and we also have more than 10 different handmade antique finishes in stock! Visit our sister site for pricing and inspiration.

  1. Mirror and Modern Sconces Become One

This option is certainly not for the DIY-er, but for those that want an extra WOW-factor, adding a set of modern sconces directly into your vanity mirror is the ultimate in customization. The clean look provides a seemingly-infinite glow while maximizing wall-space.

    11.  Hanging Your Mirror from the Ceiling

hanging mirrors

Who says that mirrors can only be hung on walls? Give your bathroom a post-modern edge by hanging your vanity mirror in a slim metal frame suspended from ceiling-mount cables. Frames come in an endless array of finishes including: polished nickel, brushed nickel, stainless steel, diamond and brushed gold.

     13. Ultra-Clear Mirrors   

high definition mirror or ultra clear mirror

Last, but certainly not least, is ultra-clear mirrors. This is perfect for the home that wants only the best – once you see your true reflection in an ultra-clear mirror, all others will look tainted. Standard mirrors have a green hue that we have all become blind to over the years – until you see the difference. The difference becomes very apparent if you have light colored or white walls in your bathroom.

Ultra-clear mirrors are 100% free of impurities, have no green hue and provide a sparkling, high-definition reflection that is crisp and shiny. They have an heir about them, you might not be able to put your finger on it, but you know something looks premium about the mirror.

Well, there you have it – five vanity mirror trends to ditch and twelve to dive into! I hope that you are as inspired by reading this post as I was in writing it. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go re-visit my own vanity mirrors!