There are 10 reasons to buy a Frameless Shower Enclosure. We prefer to install Frameless Shower Doors any day of the week. They are easier to install and take less time. But even if that weren’t the case, we would still recommend you choose a Frameless option over the traditional framed option. Don’t get me wrong, framed shower doors are still nice and in some applications are the better choice. For the most part though, we are convinced (along with most people) that Frameless Showers are the way to go. Let me give you 10 reasons to buy a frameless shower enclosure.

Easier To Clean

With little or no metal, the water has no place to hide and corrode. There are no grooves and areas for the water to sit and gather up grime. You should only have to clean the surface of the glass.

Easier To Maintain

Since there its no metal, the only thing you clean is the surface of the glass. If you squeegee the glass after every shower, you will cut cleaning by 95%. Water stains is really the only thing to worry about. Beyond that, you can buy Shower Guard Glass or apply Rain-X to help the water bead off the glass eliminating almost any and all water stains!

Looks Nicer

Let’s face it. If you see a frameless shower next to a metal frame shower… It’s a no brainer. Frameless showers look richer, cleaner, and more state of the art.  They also open up the room which leads me to my next reason.

Makes Room Feel Larger

Frameless doors make the room feel larger. Only if you use clear glass though. Think about it. If you have a glass shower with obscured glass and metal bars, it is like having a wall in your bathroom. If you have clear glass and no metal framing, you add the square footage of the shower making the room feel bigger. I tell customers that it is like adding square footage to your home.

Last Longer

If the shower is installed right and maintained well it can last longer that traditional shower enclosures.

Less Parts To Break

With a traditional shower door there are lots of small screws and plastic pieces that break easy and come out of place. Many times we will get a phone call from a customer that has a shower that is less than 10 years old that needs to be completely replaced because a screw came out or a little plastic piece broke and we can’t fix it. So we have to replace the whole shower with a brand new shower door. It’s a shame.


Most Frameless Showers are made out of thicker glass, which makes it harder to break, which makes it safer to use. It is normally 3/8″ tempered glass, but you can also get it in 1/2″.

More Durable

This glass is amazingly strong. It is difficult break and harder to chip or shell an edge. Sometimes we have pieces sent to us that the manufacture made a mistake on. We can’t use these piece for any other job so we just throw them in our dumpster. In most cases the glass won’t break when we literally throw the piece. In order to break it we have to hit it with a hammer 10 times as hard as we can before it finally breaks.

Ups Value Of Home

Frameless Showers will add value to your home. This is a proven fact. Also, it may help sell your home quicker. Since bathrooms are a huge selling feature, if a potential buyer is deciding between 2 homes and one doesn’t have a frameless shower, but your does and looks amazing, then you have the upper hand.

You Will Like It Better

The main reason to buy a frameless shower, if all the other reason weren’t enough, is that you will like the frameless option better. I would guess you already know that though.

If you are in the Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, or Fort Myers area and are interested in purchasing a shower enclosure please contact us for a free estimate. We hope this post was helpful and thank you for reading.