Everyone wants to know the best Glass Cleaning Tips. This post is brought to you by Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. in Bonita Springs Florida. The one thing that will drive someone crazy is that haze that you can’t seem to get off your glass. Especially when the sunlight hits at that exact time of the day. It will make a Southern Baptist Preacher cuss! No offense if you’re a Southern Baptist Preacher. Anyways, you don’t have to live with “the haze.” It can be the cause of one of many things; bad glass cleaner, bad paper towel, or really dirty glass. Here are a handful of glass cleaning tips you can use.

Simple Glass Cleaning Tips:

♦ Use a higher quality paper towel if possible. When you start using some of the more economical brands, for some reason they can leave streaks.

♦ Clean the same piece of glass several times. Sometimes if you live in a house with smokers or you frequently burn candles, you may have to work hard at rubbing off that layer of haze.

♦ Stay away from cleaner with Ammonia: especially in bathrooms. If destroys mirror backing and corrodes aluminum metal. They don’t tell you that on the label.

♦ Don’t use the last piece of paper towel to clean glass or mirror. There is glue that is applied to the roll to hold the last paper towel piece in place. If you use that piece, it will smear glue on your glass and make it look even worse.

♦ MOST IMPORTANT – After cleaning with a damp paper towel, go over it with a completely dry one. This normally gets the fog off and makes glass look perfect!

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