Bringing Glass Walls Home

Mesmerized by Willy Wonka’s glass elevator as a child, I have always had a place in my heart, and my dreams, for a Glass Wall Room Divider. There is just something magical and ethereal in the simple beauty of glass. Glass rooms allow you to have the privacy of a separate area without being completely closed-off from the rest of the house.Glass Room Wall Divider

Maximize a beautiful waterfront scene by replacing traditional walls with a glass wall. You get all of the perks of a dedicated space without closing off that million-dollar view! Glass rooms are ideal for making a small space feel larger, and are an economical way to divide a large space and give any home or office an open, airy feel.

Perhaps the most familiar use of glass rooms is in an office setting, where conference and consultation rooms are encased in glass – a tangible representation of the transparency the organization promotes. In this case, the company logo, mission statement or even a quick inspirational phrase can be sandblasted onto the exterior. I have even seen three glass offices right in a row; now the CEO isn’t the only one with a window seat!

Bringing the Contemporary Look Home

In a loft-style apartment home, a free-standing glass wall is the perfect room divider. It delineates the space to provide privacy without taking up as much room as traditional drywall divider or blocking airflow.

The customization options are endless for a Glass Room Wall Divider. If you want a glass room but need the occasional private moment, check out SmartGlass. This modern marvel goes from transparent to opaque, slowly turning frosted, at the flip of a switch. The glass can also be illuminated by LED lights to provide soft lighting.

If you are looking for a more nature-inspired option, add a water feature to your glass room divider. The sounds of a babbling brook will lull your dinner guests into tranquility while the beauty of the design gives your home a serious wow-factor.

Decorative Glass Wall

If your glass room needs to be sound-proof, laminated glass is the perfect option. Imagine surprising your budding musician with his own all-glass sound studio – while saving your own sanity in the process! Glass walls are also a striking way to create a nook in a master suite or add an interior greenhouse to a sunny spot in your home.

Milky, smoky, black or colored glass can be combined in multiple panels to create designs that highlight modern, industrial chic design. When installed during a renovation or new build, the frames are recessed into the walls and floor, achieving a completely frameless look.

glass rooms

As with any large glass installation, Ultra Clear glass is the best choice to achieve total transparency. The green-hue in standard glass is more evident in over-sized pieces while Ultra Clear glass is crisp and beautiful.

Glass walls, whether used to create a whole room or as free-standing divider, provide any space with a contemporary look that is both timeless and elegant.