At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. and Builders Glass we often recommend installing smaller mirrors, on a closet door for example, using nothing but our glaziers grade mirror tape. Many of our clients don’t trust that hanging a mirror with tape will hold for the long term. Mirror tape is some serious tape. I thought this video might help to clarify just how strong it is! You can hang mirrors of many sizes. Hanging a mirror with tape is easy, just be sure to get the correct tape- mirror or glaziers tape. Glaziers tape is not something you will find at the hardware store. You will need to purchase from your local glass shop.

We sell the tape by the inch to our clients, we will even but it on the back side of your mirror. Mirror tape comes in a very large roll, and probably enough to last you a lifetime or two. We are happy to sell you just the amount you need for your project. antique mirror All you have to do is pull off the protective layer and you can now hang your mirror. The only catch- it’s so sticky that you want to place it right the first time or you might never get it to move. The antique mirror tiles above were installed using mirror tape. No thinset needed!

A few ideas of where you can use mirror tape to install in your home-
– add mirrors to your closet doors
– tape a small mirror to the wall, or create a design using various mirrors
– tape antique mirror tiles in a brick pattern on your kitchen backsplash
– use this tape to hold anything that regular tape has failed. Hold rugs in place for instance
– use it to hem your clothes, semipermanently
– use it to hem your drapery panels, a no sew option
– add bevel strip framing to your mirrors, or a wood frame. We install all of our bevels and framing with mirror tape
– add a mirror to some furniture or even a cabinet door