At Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we love to get creative and pride ourselves on our willingness to try anything.  Adding a mirror on the ceiling to  mount a light fixture on is not something you see everyday, but it should be!

The idea came to me a couple of years ago when I was remodeling my Master Bedroom. I had picked out a very unique chandelier that was all made with black colored glass. As stunning as it was, it didn’t look complete. I knew it needed something on the ceiling to finish it off. I headed to Lowe’s to check out what they had. They had quite a few options for ceiling medallions that all looked equally dated. I felt they gave the look that I was trying to cover a mistake up. Not the look I wanted!traditional ceiling medallions

I lightbulb went off. Why couldn’t I take a framed mirror, drill a hole in it and install that on the ceiling instead?

The end result was exactly the look I wanted, it was even better. When the light went on the mirror reflected the chandelier and made it a focal point.

Mirror Ceiling Medallion

We recently completed another project where the client wanted a mirror to be used as a Ceiling Medallion for their light fixtures.  The mirror installed on the ceiling was the final project to complete a full kitchen remodel. The large island had just been completed and now it was time for the light fixtures. As you can see in the photos, this is a very large open kitchen. The Island helps ground the space but it would have been easy for the beautiful light fixtures to get lost on those high ceilings. The large framed mirror is exactly what was needed to help bring the eye up and set off the light fixtures. For this application, two 4″ holes were drilled into the mirrors so they would line up perfectly with the electrical junction boxes that were in place.

Light Fixtures Mounted to Framed Mirror

We have many framed mirrors in stock at Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc. that can be used as a ceiling medallion. If you are looking to purchase your own for us to install, it is important to consider the weight of the mirror. The lighter the  weight of the mirror, the better suited it will be for a ceiling installation. If you  would like to find out more about all the options we can provide with custom mirror applications, please visit our showroom located right on US 41 in Bonita Springs!