In this video I will give you some tips and options on repairs for sliding glass doors. Learn how to put your doors back on track if they ‘jump’ off. I will also eplain how to adjust the rollers on the bottom if the door rolls too tight. If Rollers are 10-15 years old and they don’t roll, it might be time to replace them. In addition, if the rollers have chewed up your track, consider adding a stainless steel track cap to give your track more life.

At Builders Glass of Bonita and Builders Glass of Bonita, Inc., we not only install new sliding glass doors,but we can repair yours. If you are not ready for the investment of brand new sliding glass doors we have a few simple fixes that will help your doors to function until they are replaced. Common problems we see with sliding glass doors is the rollers are corroded and don’t roll. Each door panel has a set of rollers on the bottom and they can be replaced in a quick service call. We also sell the roller pairs at our shop if you would like to try this yourself. Most rollers are $20.00 per pair. Did you know that sliding door rollers are not universal? Not even close. We have over 50 different types in stock. To ‘identify’ which roller you need you can check the doors to see if there is a manufacturer. More times than not, the manufacturer is not named. The next way to identify the brand is too look at your windows, likely there is a brand name on the window lock and this will be the same manufacturer as your sliding glass doors. If both these methods fail, we will need to come out to identify it.

We also see get calls to replace a track that is beaten up from the rollers. While replacing the track is possible, it is a complicated and costly repair. We do have an answer! A stainless steel cap, called a track cap,’ can be applied over your track. This is a band-aid repair, but we see people get 5-10 more years out of their doors by adding a track cap.